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Direct comparison of credit card processing services and their fees

Direct comparison of Internet-based credit card processing companies and their fees

WebsitePayPalSetup/Monthly FeesNo/No
Orders By:Online OnlyLocations:International with USA-bias
Processing FeesCredit cards, 2.2% +30c, no minimum
Non-credit card, 1.6% +30c
ExtrasPayment to you is made into your USA bank account, or onto your credit card.
NotesPayments under $15 are only charged 30cents!

Americans can use Web-Accept (accept credit card orders on their websites). "International" accounts can be opened, but are not able to use Web-accept yet, although you can be paid by other PayPal users.

Fee for $10 item 30 cents
Fee for $100 item 250 cents
Overall Cheapest Fees A great service for Americans, Web-Accept look amazing, cheaper than a merchant account!

WebsiteVerza Inc.Setup/Monthly FeesNo/No
Orders By:Online OnlyLocations:International
Processing FeesCredit cards, $0.99 + 4.9%, Checks $0.99 + 3.5%.
ExtrasPayments twice per month. 5% six-month rolling-reserve. Additional $15 for each chargeback. Includes an account control center to view our account details and transaction logs.
Fee for $10 item 148 cents
Fee for $100 item 589 cents

Website: VerotelSetup/Monthly Fees:No/No
Orders By:Checks, credit cards and 1-900 number billing. Click Here to see the fees for each transactionLocations: International
Processing Fees:Depends on transaction type and ticket price, Click Here for details
Extras:10% rolling reserve. $15 for each chargeback
Notes: Credit card processing limited to content. Highly flexible service with several extras such as "set up your own reseller program free", "realtime control center" and "1-900 billing"
Fee for $10 item 150 cents
Fee for $75 (max by credit card) item 900 cents

Website:Internet Billing Company (iBill)Setup/Monthly Fees:No/No
Orders By:OnlineLocations:USA
Processing Fees:15% for up to $10,000 in sales per billing period. Graded reductions for increases in volume.
Extras:10% 6-month rolling reserve
Notes:Limited to sales of access, content or services. Possibility of charging customers' phone bill instead of credit card (US only).

Apparently, in order to use realtime delivery with iBill, you need some custom CGI scripts. If you are unsure about "realtime processing" versus "realtime delivery", consider reading my e-book where the terms are explained.

Fee for $10 item 150 cents
Fee for $100 item 1500 cents

Website:ShareitSetup/Monthly Fees:No/No
Orders By:Online Phone Fax MailLocations:USA + Germany
Processing Fees:$2.95 +4%
Extras:Mailing a check = $5, issuing bank also deducts $5. Alternatively you can have payment wire transferred to your account. Checks issued once per month
Notes:I have used Shareit for nearly two years and their service is excellent. They originally set out to act as a third party for shareware writers, but will accept credit card orders for any product or service. Based in Germany, are good for Europeans and allow you to accept the Euro as payment.
Fee for $10 item 335 cents
Fee for $100 item 695 cents

WebsiteVisage ServicesSetup/Monthly FeesNo/No
Orders By:Online Phone Fax MailLocations:USA + Greece
Processing Fees$3 +3% ($2 +3% if 500+ orders/month) or 20% if price is less than $15
ExtrasUSA Checks free of charge. Eurocheck $12, USA money transfer $21, International wire transfer $21-40. Payment once per month.
NotesSimilar to Shareit, service is for shareware authors. I'm not sure if other services/products are accepted. Also offer free webspace, email accounts, mailing list and discussion forum.
Fee for $10 item 200 cents
Fee for $100 item 600 cents

Website:CC NowSetup/Monthly Fees:No/No
Orders By:OnlineLocations:International
Processing Fees:9% (8% in Nov/Dec)
Extras:Reserve if your monthly volume is $1000+
Notes:Limited to sales of physical goods.
Fee for $10 item 95 cents
Fee for $100 item 950 cents

WebsiteClickbankSetup/Monthly Fees$49.95/No
Orders By:OnlineLocations:USA
Processing Fees$1.50 + 7.5%
ExtrasNo-longer free! Only issue checks, and only if over $25. Charge $2.50 to process and send check. Withold 10% of checks over $25 which is released after approx 90 days. Checks issued twice per month.
NotesService is limited to "authors of unique internet content and services. If you distribute your own original information via web pages, files, or email, then ClickBank is ideal for you." You have the option to recruit resellers for your products, all details handled by Clickbank. You can also refer people to Clickbank and earn money if anyone you send to Clickbank signs up and makes sales. Not for sale of physical goods, recurring billing or with shopping carts
Fee for $10 item 225 cents
Fee for $100 item 900 cents

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